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It’s obvious times are tough, and no matter what your purchase, whether it be 14K gold cufflinks or new womens diamond watches, it’s always a good financial decision to try to save as much as you can. Time in Gold is here to help you find that gorgeous piece of jewelry at a fair and reasonable price.

Here are just a few of the many discount items Time in Gold currently has available under their “Specials” section:

14K Gold Italian Cuff Links: This classic pair of cufflinks was designed and manufactured by Italian Artisans. Its gross weight is a meager 12.2 grams, with a length under 11 mm. Most importantly, this stunning pair of 14k gold cufflinks is available on TimeinGold.com for nearly HALF of the typical listed price

14K Gold Men’s Rectangle Watch: Euro Geneve produces beautiful gold watches for men, and this product is no exception. Featuring a sapphire crystal and a 14k Yellow-Gold strap, this watch can be had for LESS THAN HALF of the original price, just by ordering online.

Euro Geneve 14K Diamond Watch: This 14K Yellow-Gold Euro Geneve Womens Diamond watch features brilliant full cut diamonds set on bezel and endpieces. The Euro Geneve product was crafted in Italy with Eta Swiss Quartz movement. Order online today and save $3,000 on the original price. But hurry up! This stunning piece of ladies jewelry is limited in stock and cannot be backordered.


Story of the Cufflink

For nearly a thousand years, the cufflink has been a consistent part of men’s fashion.

Before their creation, most men’s clothes were held together with strings, straps, and pins. Men’s shirts in the early 1500s featured ruffled wristbands containing small openings that would be fastened together with “cuff strings.”

It was sometime shortly after the Renaissance that two ornamented buttons attached by a single link began to replace cuff strings and garner increased popularity among the upper classes of Europe. It wasn’t until the reign of Louis XIV, which started in 1654, that fastening shirt sleeves with “boutons de manchette” (roughly translated to ‘sleeve buttons’) became popular.

A few decades later, glass cuff links gave way to highly decorated jeweled studs held together by gold links. Hence the name, “cuff link.”

There are many varying designs for cufflinks. The basic versions simply had a small link connecting two oval-shaped ends, one being larger than the other. More intricate models feature different shapes, materials, and decorations, such as gems or diamonds. Additionally, some men engrave their cuff links with their family name or initials, so that they may be passed down from generation to generation.

Nowadays, it’s easy to find proper gold and silver cufflinks that are both fashionable and affordable. Another alternative remains; elastic “monkey’s fists,” which are buttons of twisted braids that can be used in the same way as cufflinks.


Looking for a Great Gift? Check Out TimeinGold's Accessories

I love giving gifts. Not just any random thing I find at the store but well-though out gifts that the person can actually use. Well sometimes when you are always giving gifts you can find yourself in a shopping rut and honestly run out of fresh ideas. When that happens to me I usually start browsing the internet. The internet is a great place to find anything you could ever want and more and is the ultimate source of inspiration for a gift-giver out of ideas.

I ended up stumbling upon TimeinGold.com and got a wealth of new gift ideas. My father’s birthday was coming up and I wanted to get him something truly special. I opted for a 14k gold cufflinks, a tie pin set, and a gold toothpick. It was precisely his style and he knew I really went above and beyond with this gift. So if you’re looking for a great present for someone but gold watches for men are a little too much, browse around the Men’s accessories section and you’re sure to find something you like.

Watch Shopping Tips for Small Wrists

If you’re a petite lady who loves the look of women’s diamond watches, but have a hard time finding a style that fits your wrist, watch shopping can quickly turn from a fun activity to a horrible burden. It might seem like there aren’t any good watch styles for people with small wrists, but there are. You just have to know the key attributes to look for in a good fitting watch.

Good watches are hard to find for petite wrists, because many of the popular styles today are chunky, cuff watches. These watches lure us in because they’re really cool and stylish, but unfortunately, when on a small wrists, they look like expensive leather shackles. Plus they’re really heavy! Those with small wrists should stick to slimmer, more lightweight designs.

As far as the face goes, try to pick a round or oval shape. In addition, the women’s diamond watches should have a thin band that is delicate and dainty. Thick leather bands look great in the case, but typically, they don’t look very good on a tiny wrist. The thin bands really work with your small wrist, as the thick leather bands really stand out and make your wrist look cartoonishly small.

For the best selection of petite women’s diamond watches, be sure to visit TimeinGold.com!

Want a Classic Look? Get a Men’s Pocket Watch

It’s pretty obvious that fashion is cyclical. Trends of yesteryear are always re-emerging and getting reinvented to accommodate the modern lifestyle. Sometimes, trends that should’ve died long ago end up rearing their ugly heads and catching everyone off guard (tube tops and bell bottoms of the ‘90s?). One trend that will continue to remain classic and sophisticated is the men’s pocket watch.

If you’re looking for a unique, classic yet relevant, time piece, you should consider a men’s pocket watch. For one, they look amazing. And you can guarantee to be one of the rare gentlemen who still carry around one of these classics. Similarly, they’re a real conversation starter. If someone asks you for the time, you can guarantee that they will ask you about your mens pocket watch. Another reason why they’re so special, is that you can get something engraved in the cover. You can’t this kind of personalization with any other time piece.

For a great selection of men’s pocket watches, visit TimeinGold.com!

Look Sophisticated in the Office with Fine Accessories

It’s no secret that if you’re in the business world you dress for the job you want, not the job you have. One of the biggest keys to success is to dress like your successful. That includes not only having the right clothes, but the right accessories. Fine jewelry like gold watches for men or even a men’s pocket watch for a more distinguished look, is a must for anyone looking to impress. There are a few other accessories that can really put subtle finishing touches on whatever you’re wearing, making you look high-class and ready for business.

One thing anyone looking to impress needs are 14k gold cufflinks or silver cufflink. Cufflinks are crucial to giving you the executive look you need to be treated like an exec. If you don’t like the hassle of putting on cufflinks, but like the look, you should check out button covers. Gold button covers give the illusion of cufflinks, and can turn any button cuffs into classy attire.

In addition to cufflinks, gold and diamond tie pins are another great way to put a classy touch on a simple suit and tie.

Ladies Can Wear 14k Gold Cufflinks Too

14k gold cufflinks are indisputably classy. They can be worn on any occasion, to work, to dinner, to a wedding. When paired with gold watches for men, the effect is heightened.

All of this thinking about mens 14k gold cufflinks made me start thinking. Wait a second. Can women wear cufflinks? Of course they can! A silver cufflink paired with a womens diamond watches is just as classy as a man pairing his 14k gold cufflinks with a gold watch.

Although we most often think of men wearing cufflinks, women can wear cufflinks anywhere to look elegant and smart. They look great with or without a jacket. If you want to feminize your style more, pairing them with a womens diamond watches or a broach or necklace is a great idea. A bracelet on your opposite hand is another way to stylize and balance your ladies cufflinks.

Styles range from the classic to the fun. Pearls, roses, flowers, abalone circles – all of these styles are geared towards female wearers, but many more traditional styles of cufflinks are unisex.

Well now that we have that settled, it’s time to start shopping. For men or ladies, using the internet to buy cufflinks is a great idea.